Tips on How to Train Your Dogs Not to Bark

Howling is the natural form of sounding a dog. However, if it is long-term or uncontrolled, it can become an annoying behavior. If your dog has a bad barking habit, then you can use your proper skills and solve the root cause to teach your dog to correct this behavior.

Prevent the dog from getting into the habit of barking, don't respond to the dog's barking by shouting. Training a dog can be a bit late to scream more easily than your dog has started to bark. One of the keys is to avoid strengthening or rewarding barking. If your dog barks and you shout, it will form a note in your dog's brain. Your dog may even interpret your shout as if you are responding to it and mistakenly believe it is the act of approving it, your dog is more likely to repeat this behavior.

Ignore the barking of the dog, meaning that you should not yell at your dog loudly for quiet, but try to ignore its barking. If the dog bark doesn't cause your attention and reaction, then the dog wants to attract your attention and wait for your reaction again, it is unlikely to use this behavior because it knows howling will not get it. What you want, it will not bring you your attention and response, howling is useless, so the dog will slowly stop barking, think of other methods close to you, causing your attention.

If you ignore screaming and can't stop this behavior in a few minutes, try to distract your dog. Continue to ignore the barking, put some toys or other things that can catch your dog's attention on the floor, so that the dog is attracted to other things, so that you will not focus on howling.

Once your dog is distracted from the barking and the dog is close to looking at the things, then you are familiar with the dog's usual commands, such as sitting down, if your dog responds to your order, Immediately reward it with this positive behavior, which will strengthen the command of the dog, and let the dog not think of biting and barking. This highlights the importance of basic training with your dog. Distracting your dog with other basic commands that dogs can understand is a good way to avoid accidentally screaming.

If the barking happens outside, play the dog home. Especially if the dog screams at a stranger in a park or a square in a passerby, then take the dog away and ignore its barking. If the dog stops screaming at the stranger, reward it. Let it play for a while, if the dog does not stop screaming, immediately take the dog home, keep it in the cage, and tell it howling means the end of play in the yard.

Let the dog have enough exercise. Howling is a form of expression for dogs, and dogs can also have emotional states, especially when they are bored. Providing plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to your dog will help prevent the dog from getting into the habit of boring because of boredom. Do at least two 15-minute workouts with your dog every day, and take your dog out to exercise twice a day, based on an hour a day. Energetic dogs need longer exercise.

If you feel that your dog seems to be screaming because of boredom, then go out and consume some of its energy twice a day, increase your time per exercise, and take your dog for a long jog, not only for it. It is good for health and good for them.

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