One Way Anti UV Mirror Reflective Heat Control Window Film


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Rabbitgoo Static Cling One Way Mirror Window Film--Transfer your home and office with silver. Enjoy your life easily and safely. 


  • 【EXCELLENT DAYTIME PRIVACY】 This window film provides great privacy ONLY during the daytime. The side with brighter light would show a mirror-like appearance. So the mirror-effect would be reversed at night since the inside will be brighter than the outside, which means people would be able to SEE THROUGH the window. Remember to draw a curtain during the night
  • 【STATIC CLING & NON-ADHESIVES】This Static window film is without any sticky, harmful, and chemical glues, super easy to install on Flat, Clean, and Smooth Glass Surfaces, and can be easily removed and reused multiple times. Don’t forget to spray A LOT OF water to wet both the adhesive side and window surface

  • 【EFFECTIVE UV REJECTION】This anti-glare window film is designed to blocks out 99% of UV rays and 85% of infrared rays. Our window film can prevent our skin from sunburning, anti-aging, and reduce the fading of interior furnishings
  • 【HEAT CONTROL & ENERGY SAVING】The window tint can keep Heat & Glare out during the day in hot summer, blocks most of the sun, helping reduce expensive cooling costs
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Our one way window film can be used in living rooms, meeting rooms, office, classrooms, and anywhere windows where you want to reject UV light or control heat

Key Features: 

1. Static Cling & Totally Reusable
This static cling one-way mirror window film has a glue-free design and no chemical release, can be easily removed without any glue residue left, and you can reposition and re-apply it multiple times. It's the best choice for a rental apartment.
2. Mirror-Like Appearance & Top Privacy
The outside glass will show a mirror effect during the day. And this mirror effect window film is perfect for indoor privacy protection in the daytime.

3. Reject Harmful Lights
As our window film can block up most of the harmful UV rays and infrared rays, you can enjoy the sunlight and beautiful view but don't get sunburned.
4. Anti Glare and Add Comfort
You can work effectively and relax comfortably by significantly reducing eye strain and discomfort from excessive light with our one-way mirror film. 

*Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces! 

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One Way Anti UV Mirror Reflective Heat Control Window Film
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