Semi-Privacy Frosted Matte Window Sticker

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Brand: Rabbitgoo


  • Less Money, More Decoration: It is a perfect home-adornment project on a budget; a cost-effective way to refresh your home windows and reinvigorate your life with this frosted film with decent patterns
  • Strong Curtains Out, Soft Sunshine In Time to take down your strong curtains or blinds and embrace the comfortable sunshine with this light film! Get constant protection against the hot sun, 84% UVA rays and 99% UVB rays for you and your family in the coming summer
  • Annoying Adhesive Is Gone Forever: Goodbye to the traditional adhesives! The static cling design introduces a newly environmental-friendly home style. The easily-removed and reusable material deserves to be loved for three thousand times
  • Dog-barking Stops, Privacy Protection Starts: The dog barks because of the unobstructed views outside? The privacy level for this window film is semi-privacy (★★★☆☆), which allows blurred outlines and unable any details of people and things both inside and outside. (Suitable for Office, Living Room, Meeting room But Not For Bathroom)
  • Super Easy To Use, Super Fun To Apply: A perfect inexpensive way to enjoy the pleasure of DIY. The instruction manual is sealed together with the film roll. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance we could provide


Details: Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Frosted Matte Window Film Static Cling Door Film No Glue Window Film Heat Control Window Sticker Anti-UV Glass Film for Home Office, Living Room, Meeting Room 35.4"x 78.7"(90 x 200CM)