What effect will cold weather have on your pet?

What effect will cold weather have on your pet?

Pets seem to have different attitudes toward the cold weather. Some of them, especially dogs, seem to love snow in cold weather. Others would rather hibernate like a bear until May. Although there are many beautiful views in winter,the cold weather can also cause many hazards to your pet, which are not common at other periods of the year.

De-icing products may be harmful to the pet. There are still some controversies about “pet safe” deicing products. If pets take up enough residue after a walk in the winter wonderland, they may get sick. Besides, salt may be particularly irritating to the skin. And pets tend to ingest a certain amount when they clean cold residues from their paws by themselves. Of course, it requires a considerable amount of these products to cause serious complications in pets. Recently, many products have become available and are less irritating to the skin, but they still contain compounds that cause disease if ingested.

Moreover, pets will catch a cold just like us, some people seem to believe that cats and dogs have fur, so they can withstand cold weather better than humans. In fact, the so-called “Northern breeds”, such as Alaskan Malamute, seem to unaffected by the low temperature. But the bitterly cold still will bring hazards to any animal, and those with short statures are at the greatest risk. The exposed skin of the body such as the ears, nose, and feet, can be quickly damaged at low temperatures. Thus, do not expose your pet outdoor when the temperature is below freezing. If necessary, you can use the no pull dog harness and leash to keep the naughty dog in the house. Bring all animals indoors, if not possible, provide shelter with blankets and heat sources and pour warm water in the dog feeder.

The four legs and a lower center of gravity seem to provide considerable protection, so cats and dogs won't fall on ice and break bones or hit their heads like humans. But they still might slide on the ice and suffer from bruising or tearing of the ligament. The cranial cruciate ligament ruptures of pets are similar to people's, and it can happen to dogs when they slip while playing on ice and snow. Ice and crusty snow can hurt the dog’s claws by cutting into their feet like a knife. The incisions always require suturing and it takes several weeks to heal, which needs to bind up and enough rest to recover. Don’t forget to be careful around the frozen pond, as ice may not support the pet’s weight.


People with arthritis have reported that cold weather has exacerbated their suffering. No one seems to really understand why, but it is widely reported that. Some people even think they can predict when the weather will start to change by their hurt joints. In addition, people with bone plates or joint implants report that they can “feel” these metal structures when the weather gets cold. Keeping warm may be more difficult for patients. If your dogs or cats have been dealing with such kinds of health problems, cold weather may be harder for them.

Pets tend to eat more and lack of exercise will make pets get weight in winter. Any residual warmth gained by gaining weight is not worthwhile because overweight increases the risk of many diseases. We need to keep your pet healthy all year.

Cats often hide in the hood of an outdoor parked car when the engine block is warm. When the car starts up again, the thing will be obviously catastrophic. If you live in a wildcat area, it is a necessary habit to check the hood before driving in winter, which may save a cat's life.

Keep in mind that cats can also find happiness in the clothes dryer they have just used, so check the inside quickly. Same as the dog, you can use cat harness and leash to keep your cat in the right place when you are too busy to notice the cat some time.

 If you want to keep your safety and healthy all the time, you need to take greater care twice as much of the pet in winter.


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