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Every time you want a pet, and you’ve even planned out what you would name this bundle of joy, and even where they would sleep. But if you recognize any of the signs below then you probably aren’t ready just yet.    1. Sometimes you skip meals because you’re so busy, or lazy. If you did this to your pet they will most likely end in tragedy.   2. You don’t always come home and sleep in your own bed every night. But if you had a pet then you would have to be back for bedtime to make sure that...

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Keep your pet stay away from cleaning agents. Many cleaning agents, fertilizers, pesticides, weed-killers, and even mulch can all be dangerous to dogs and cats. Keep him away from wildlife. Creatures large and small are lurking in forests and fields in Spring. If you’re in the habit of walking your dog off-leash, teach him to leave wild animals alone.  This will keep him safe from harm’s way.  Keep bugs at bay. As temperatures rise and insects start breeding at high rates, it’s time to ensure your animal is protected. Your dog or cat should be receiving year-round monthly heartworm preventive....

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1. Make sure that you obey all leash laws. First and foremost, to keep hikers, your dog, and other animals safe. Besides, many people are frightened of dogs. Letting your dog off-leash on most trails just isn't a good idea.  2. Pick up poop after your pet because dog poop can harm and disrupt local wildlife, native habitats, and groundwater supplies.  3. Bring along some dog treats and water for your pet to help keep their energy levels up on a long hike.   4. Keep an eye on anything your dog ingests. If you see your dog chewing on...

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