Pet Would Much More Look Like Their Owner

Pet Would Much More Look Like Their Owner

 As a China saying goes "couple appearance", which means the mind and the habits of husband and wife are converging, and their appearances also become more similar since they live together and affect each other in any aspect. Studies have shown that such kind of phenomena not only exists between people but also between humans and animals.

The New York Times also reported that people and their pet dogs may not only become close friends, but even "similar looks." Relevant scientists have done further empirical research on this

Before this, researchers in San Diego in 2004 found that in a related experiment, participants were often able to accurately match the owner's photos with their dogs, but only for purebred dogs. The study also found that in the pairing process, facial expressions and other simple features, such as hair, body shape, etc., play a more important role in judgment.

In the same year, a psychologist at the University of South Carolina launched another independent experiment, refuting the results of the above research and pointing out the problems in the design of the experiment. Later, researchers in San Diego continued to correct the experimental methods in response to criticism, and still reached similar conclusions. At this point, the debate between the two sides has come to an end.

Figure 1: "This photo was printed on the invitation letter on our wedding anniversary. Kramer must have thought, "Well, finally let me be a good family member."

Photographed in Illinois.

At the beginning of this year, another British scientist joined the debate on this issue. The scientist invited 70 participants and asked them to pick out the owner's dogs in 41 dogs according to the pictures. The results show that the accurate matching rate exceeds 50%, which proves that it is not solely relying on luck. Similar to previous experiments in San Diego, participants later said that they are more based on the similarities between the dog and the owner in terms of personality. Therefore, some scientists believe that the owner has already preset or expected when choosing a pet, and hopes to find a pet that can reflect his personality and physique to a certain extent. Other studies have insisted that pets can be "long-lived" with their owners. Of course, there is still much room for debate in related research.

Figure 2: "Swimming is our common interest!" Photographed in Argentina.

Figure 3: "This is our eight-month-old Sailor and my husband Stephen. Look at their expressions, what else to say?" Photographed in Ohio.

Figure 4: "I and my dog ​​laughed so brightly? We are enjoying the hot summer." Photographed in New York.

Picture 5: “My name is Nancy, my dog ​​is Nina. I have to admit that I chose her because of its many physical characteristics, such as her black hair curls. I chose the curl because I am allergic and need it. A low-sensitivity dog; as for black, it's because I don't like white poodles - they are everywhere, too expensive for me." Photographed in New York.

Picture 6: "My brother and his dog." Photographed in New York.

Picture 7: “Our daughter Lily, who was adopted by Mr. and Mr. from Russia in St. Petersburg in 2006, was 15 years old. When she arrived in the United States, she was clamoring for a puppy. We thought, raising a daughter and A puppy is impossible. But in the end, we adopted a rescued stray dog ​​from the humanitarian organization. Lily gave it a name called Pinky, and they never stopped." Photographed in Washington State.

Picture 8: "This is my grandfather and his dog." Photographed in Washington State.

Picture 9: “My dog ​​Pickles. We often walk in the sunset.” Photographed in California.

Picture 10: “Sita enjoys its territory in Central Park.” Photographed in New York.

Picture 11: “Bella may be wondering, why do I always take it without bothering? This time because it is wearing a T-shirt.” Photographed in Pennsylvania.

Picture 12: “Rachel and Benji are very fond of participating in the Woofstock Dog Carnival. I also don’t know if they are 'a long time to live.' But for me, there is no doubt that they are my lovely children.” Canada.



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