5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

1. Punish your dog for their stubborn, hyperactive or out of control. If a dog exhibits unwanted behaviors, it’s because they haven’t been taught what it is that you do want. 

2. Stop giving toys. Most of the dogs destroy every toy you give them.

We can’t just stop giving them toys — we must still meet their chewing needs without being destructive.

3. Use your hand to hit the dog. Hitting a dog makes her afraid and will break whatever trust you’ve built. Fearful dogs can and will bite if they feel threatened. 

4.Use crates instead of training manners. Crates can be a wonderful training tool, but they are often misused for our own convenience. Putting dogs in crates so they aren’t in the way when we’re doing chores is doing a disservice to dogs. 

5. Tether them. Many dogs are anxious when left alone in public. When ethered outside, they may bark at other dogs, neighbors and all sorts of neighborhood noise. 

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