Why should you leash the dog when walking outside?

Why should you leash the dog when walking outside?

Some pet owners don't agree with using the dog harness and leash. They have a variety of reasons to refute the rein of the dog. The most common one is “My dog ​​is obedient, I will call it back” and “The dog should unfettered, holding it will only make it uncomfortable.”

Some have the excuse that “my dog ​​doesn’t love the leash and it doesn’t leave by the force of the rope”. The leash is not as horrible as the owner thinks. To some extent, it is a symbol of the culture of dogs, but also the seat belt of dogs in public places!

Do you really understand the importance of dog leashes?

1. Protect the safety of dogs

Public spaces are highly open, and the people and things that appear randomly, even in the street where they walk every day.

Dogs are often curious about new things when they go out for a walk. No matter what they see, they have to smell it. However, there are some unsafe factors. The leash can ensure that the behavior is regulated and kept away from the “danger zone”.

Another safety threat to dogs that do not rein is from vehicles on the road. Some visual hounds and retrievers are very interested in moving objects, and they like chasing vehicles, unfortunately. They are very prone to have traffic accidents during the chase.

2. Control some misconduct of the dog, respect the right of others not to be disturbed by dogs.

It is very likely that dogs will have some inappropriate behaviors at outdoor, such as fighting, smashing people, urinating in places where they are squatting. In public places, everyone has a basic right that free of being impacted by others.

Perhaps, the owner feels that the dog is showing friendliness when rubbing to others, but in the eyes of strangers, this behavior may also freak them out if they have never get close to the dogs.

3. To avoid dog loss

In many cases, the most common reason for the dog lost is a lack of a dog's rein. Many pet owners full of himself and think that their dog is very obedient and they can call the dogs back in any situation. So they don't use the dog harness and leash to make the dog under control. Well, they lost the dog finally.

In reality, dogs will be subject to various“temptations”, sometimes food, sometimes different people, and sometimes smell. Especially in the estrus period of the dog, the male dog is irresistible to the taste of the female dog. The voice of the owner will be very negligible in the face of these “temptations”.

In order to ensure the safety of the dog and avoid accidents that may occur, please be sure to pick a durable and comfy no pull dog harness and fasten with the leash when you and your canine friends walking outside.


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