The Owner Must See! 9 Ways to Prevent Dogs From Catching a Cold

by John Doe
what to do if your dog catch a cold

Dogs may get the same cold as people. As the temperature changes, the number of dogs with colds increases. However, how to prevent dogs from catching a cold, the following points must be clearly remembered!

Reduce dog gathering

Dogs have the same cold as humans, and they can infect each other. Reducing close contact with other dogs can reduce the chance of getting sick.

Physical sports

When walking with a dog, if the dog can reach the level of sprinting and micro-asthmatic, the health and physical help will be better than walking alone. Here you may need help from rabbitgoo pet supplies!

dog get a cold

Balanced diet

Generally, dog feed nutrition has been designed for dog needs. If the feed is mainly for dog cooking, it is recommended to check the balanced recipe and take care of the nutrients it needs in order to make the dog head strong and not sick.


All-in-one vaccines on the market can prevent dogs from catching a cold; if dogs go out often, choosing a 10-in-1 vaccine can provide more disease protection for dogs.

Less cold wind

Whether the dog lives outdoors or the owner takes the dog out, when the dog is not active, it is recommended to avoid letting the dog blow cold wind, otherwise it will easily lose body temperature.

cold dog


If you want to help the dog to bathe during the cold front or cold current, the bath time should be shortened as much as possible, and the dog should be thoroughly dried and kept warm as soon as possible.

More sun

Dogs are not only good for the skin, but also improve their immunity and reduce the chance of catching a cold. But also have to pay attention to the summer temperature, if it is too high, it is not appropriate to go out for too long to avoid dehydration.

Environmental disinfection

After the bleaching water is diluted 100 times, the disinfection environment can not directly prevent colds, but it can reduce other diseases, and it will not catch cold due to reduced immunity.

rabbbitgoo dog get a cold

Plus warm light

If the weather is very cold, puppies under 6 months and old dogs over 7 years old are high-risk groups. You can add a warm light or a warm pad to make the dog sleep better and have a better natural body.

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