6 Healthiest Human Foods You Could Feed Your Dog‎

by John Doe
Healthiest Human Foods You Could Feed Your Dog‎

Ever wondered if Bingo would enjoy a Burrito as much as you do? As it turns out, dogs love human food too and would indulge themselves every chance they get. So why not let Bingo have a seat at the table this Christmas? 

As you pamper your pooch with treats from your plate, make sure his digestive system can handle the new diet. There are some ingredients in human food that can be harmful to your dog if he indulges in them too much. 

Your dog should never eat any food containing the artificial sweetener xylitol. Too much xylitol in your dog may cause low blood sugar or liver failure. Foods that potentially contain xylitol include some candies, gum, baked or diet foods. In addition, keep your dog away from chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, raw eggs, yeast, onions, and garlic. A little guacamole does not hurt, but too much could upset Bingo’s tummy. 

Without further ado, here are the human foods most likely to be enjoyed by your pup. 

Peanut Butter 

Scoop some peanut butter on a spoon and your dog will lick the spoon clean. Dogs enjoy the salty and fatty taste of peanut butter and wouldn't mind eating it raw or having their favorite cookie dipped in it. You could also whip up peanut-butter flavored cookies to spoil your pup this Christmas.


Carrots, especially baby carrots, are great for your dog’s dental and digestive health. Carrots are low in calories but high on fiber which is great for your pup’s digestive system. Baby carrots also contain Vitamin A and Beta Carotene which promote dental & bone health as well as improve eye vision. 


Just like peanut butter, dogs are suckers for yogurt too. Yogurt is rich in proteins and calcium which is healthy for your dog especially if he is a puppy. Some brands of yogurt contain probiotic bacteria which benefits your dog’s digestive system as well. As you get him some yogurt to slurp, make sure it does not contain any artificial sweeteners such as xylitol. 


Want your dog to have the freshest breath? Just feed him some apple slices. Besides being a natural breath freshener, apples also help clear residues off your dog's teeth, preventing plaque buildup. As a fruit, apples contain Vitamins A and C which boost your dog's immune system.


If the buffet table will have blueberry pie this festive season, then Bingo definitely deserves a piece of the action. Blueberries are rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals which are healthy for your dog. This fruit also packs natural sugars and antioxidants that help fight disease and keep your dog’s coat healthy. 


Late night movies are a great way to bond with your pup. As you binge watch your favorite movies on Netflix share a bowl of popcorn as well. Popcorn is rich in minerals and vitamins which is found in most dog foods. Homemade popcorn is the best because you are able to control the extra ingredients you use. In addition, keep your pup away from the kernels that did not pop, they can choke him or get stuck in his teeth. 


What other human foods that dogs can eat do you know of? Comment below and let us know how you plan to spoil your pup this Christmas.

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