"A Dog's Way Home" - Year-end Warm Journey

by John Doe

In the past two years, the film market has introduced a number of dog-themed films. The most eye-catching is the film "A Dog's Mission" in early March 2017, written by American bestselling author W. Bruce Came. Long’s original novel of the same name was adapted. Although there were many heavyweight films in the same period, it still ranks among the phenomenal movies of the year with a score of 600 million.

At the moment, Cameron’s other warm-hearted work, the Hollywood tears adventure produced by Columbia Pictures of the United States, is also a dog’s way home. This one will bring you some more. Surprise and touch?

As a feature film with no stars, low cost, and simple stories, "A Dog's Mission" has not been released yet and it is regarded as an upset. However, in just a few days, it has entered the public's field of vision with amazing momentum and became the third. The monthly box office’s absorbing gold has created tremendous success. Even after the domestic movie market appeared one after another, there were a number of "dogs", but the box office they added did not surpass "a dog's mission." After the "mission", "going home" can see the "dog film" phenomenon level again? The audience has always been looking forward to this.

Nowadays, the movie "A Dog's Way Home" undoubtedly makes the audience shine. This movie is not only created by the same author as the "mission", but also by the original team. The word-of-mouth and quality guarantees that the film has not yet been The release has become the most anticipated "dog film" of the year, and netizens have said that "even if you cry, you have to go to the theater to support."

The film "A Dog's Way Home" was introduced by China Film Group Corporation, issued by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., translated by Changsha Group Translation Production Co., Ltd., produced by Columbia Pictures, and participated in investment by Bona Film. Directed by Charles Martin Smith, starring Ashley Judd, Jonah Hall-Gold, Alessandra Shipp, Bryce Dallas Howard as the English dubbing of Bella, Huo Siyan The Chinese version of Bella is dubbed.

Different from "A Dog's Mission", the movie "A Dog's Way Home", although also illustrated by a dog's perspective, reflects the deeper emotions of people and animals. "What we don't know is that a dog can still return to its owner after living in another dog's lifestyle for a while," as Cameron said, not only between dogs and people. Feeding and being reared, but should be accompanied by each other as a partner.

In order to return to the owner Lucas, the dog Bella in the film can walk more than 600 kilometers, there is no shortage of hunger and cold and the threat of mountain beasts, but it is willing to take risks and risk his life only to return to the owner. By the side. "What touches us is the real thing," Cameron said, he never deliberately sensational, but the real, warm emotions in the film are always in tears. Although there is no "Hollywood"-style big-cafe lineup or a reversal of the brain, I believe that this film can still capture the hearts of people through warm healing.

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The Owner Must See! 9 Ways to Prevent Dogs From Catching a Cold

by John Doe
what to do if your dog catch a cold

Dogs may get the same cold as people. As the temperature changes, the number of dogs with colds increases. However, how to prevent dogs from catching a cold, the following points must be clearly remembered!

Reduce dog gathering

Dogs have the same cold as humans, and they can infect each other. Reducing close contact with other dogs can reduce the chance of getting sick.

Physical sports

When walking with a dog, if the dog can reach the level of sprinting and micro-asthmatic, the health and physical help will be better than walking alone. Here you may need help from rabbitgoo pet supplies!

dog get a cold

Balanced diet

Generally, dog feed nutrition has been designed for dog needs. If the feed is mainly for dog cooking, it is recommended to check the balanced recipe and take care of the nutrients it needs in order to make the dog head strong and not sick.


All-in-one vaccines on the market can prevent dogs from catching a cold; if dogs go out often, choosing a 10-in-1 vaccine can provide more disease protection for dogs.

Less cold wind

Whether the dog lives outdoors or the owner takes the dog out, when the dog is not active, it is recommended to avoid letting the dog blow cold wind, otherwise it will easily lose body temperature.

cold dog


If you want to help the dog to bathe during the cold front or cold current, the bath time should be shortened as much as possible, and the dog should be thoroughly dried and kept warm as soon as possible.

More sun

Dogs are not only good for the skin, but also improve their immunity and reduce the chance of catching a cold. But also have to pay attention to the summer temperature, if it is too high, it is not appropriate to go out for too long to avoid dehydration.

Environmental disinfection

After the bleaching water is diluted 100 times, the disinfection environment can not directly prevent colds, but it can reduce other diseases, and it will not catch cold due to reduced immunity.

rabbbitgoo dog get a cold

Plus warm light

If the weather is very cold, puppies under 6 months and old dogs over 7 years old are high-risk groups. You can add a warm light or a warm pad to make the dog sleep better and have a better natural body.

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Let Your Puppy Feel the Best of the World with You !

by John Doe
Rabbitgoo best love dogs

The love that pets give us is eternal and specific. It seems that we never have to worry about whether it will change minds. However, the love we gave it, sometimes unconsciously turned over and became a love. This love sometimes gives the wrong way, making it feel overwhelmed after leaving us, and may even push it to a dead end.

In the dog's life, we can't be with it 24 hours a day. If the dog is too dependent on you, what should the dog do when you can't take it with you? The ability to be independent is not innate, but in daily life, we should slowly cultivate it.

rabbitgoo What is the best love for dogs?

It is common to see a big dog when walking, and the owner quickly picks up the dog, fearing that it will be hurt. And what it learned is that other dogs are terrible animals, and the owner becomes very nervous and different from usual, which makes it impossible to learn how to get along with other dogs.

Such an over-protection, less contact, and active exploration of people outside, over time, it will think that things outside your arms are strange or even terrible, can not learn to get along with the outside world, can not learn to adapt. The timid dog becomes more timid, which just explains why it is always so fierce to see many small dogs around us.

When the dog is left alone in the house, the dog can't feel bad when he calls it. He immediately rushes back to see it, and even throws it delicious and gives it "please" to stop barking. So what it learned is that as long as the screaming master will come back immediately, you can get attention and reward.

Your reluctance and love can make it easy to develop different behavioral problems. When you leave your master, you are under tremendous pressure, and even become extremely timid, and you may suffer from separation anxiety. Some dogs do not eat or drink because they have been on a business trip for a few days. They are hungry and vomiting, and even have severe separation anxiety and self-harm. Although this allows us to see how much the dog loves us, but the result of hurting the body and mind is really what we want?

What does the real love look like?

Maybe like our parents,

Know how to let go when you let go.

Remember the first time we learned to ride a bicycle? At the beginning, the parents supported the car, and we staggered forward. Unconsciously, the parents quietly let go behind you and found that they had already rode far.

Similarly, our love for pets should be the same. Under the premise of ensuring that the environment can be controlled (for example, to ensure that we are going to take the ropes), try to let it slowly explore and understand this world, and guide it to make the right Behaves rather than directly depriving it of the opportunity to adapt, to learn, to do some relaxation training, and to give praise when it can relax and be independent. (The solitude here is not that you go out for a few days and let it go alone at home, but you just leave for a short time, if you want to go out for a long time, please ask your friends or family to take care of it) so that family and even friends can It's friendly, at least when you can't accompany it, it can get along with others. And at least one day, if you really can't really be with it, it can also accept the love that others give it.

The best love is not to let its world only you, nor to let it be inseparable from you all the time, but when you are together, you can share happy hours, and when you are not there, you can live happily. Maybe this is the true definition of love.

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The 6 Dog Body Language, How Many do You Know?

by John Doe
The 6 Dog Body Language, How Many do You Know?

Dogs can't express their own thoughts in words. They can only be expressed in body language. There are many body language of dogs. But some pet owners don't know the real meaning. They think that dogs are just spoiled, but understand After that, I discovered that dogs are not just spoiled. It turns out that there are so many meanings.

1.Riding across the body

In life, you can often see a dog riding across another dog. In fact, this behavior is not only when the dog is in estrus, but also when fighting. The expression is "I am the boss." "Declaring one's own status is just a conquering act." When riding across a person, there is a sense of coquetry and hug.


2.Keep on licking (squatting or blowing your nose)

If the dog keeps licking his nose with his tongue, it means that the dog feels uneasy, so don't approach these dogs easily, otherwise it will be vulnerable to attack, or the nose may be dry and sick; when the dog is jealous of you It means that dogs like to approach you and want to be close to you, so don't dislike them.
If your dog is smelling bad breath when you are licking you, then you should pay attention to the dog's oral health. Usually, you should help your dog brush your teeth. If the dog is not willing to brush your teeth, you can give the dog some big. The bones or chicken dried meat and other snacks, usually more molars, dogs will not suffer from oral diseases such as dental calculus.
We have solved the problem in another article about how do you get rid of dog bad breath?

3.Licking your mouth, body bow

If your dog licks his mouth, opens his foot, and arches his body, it means that the dog is in a state of extreme anger and is ready to attack. Many times we see two dogs before they fight. This symptom, then hurry away, so as not to be accidentally injured by the attack.

4.Wag the tail

The dog's tail is the most common body language in the usual life. The tail also has many meanings. If the dog clips his tail between his legs, he may be scared; hold the tail up and swing quickly. That may be anger; squinting at the tail, it may be happy. When you see your dog's tail, you should carefully observe the dog's appearance.

5.Rubbing the butt on the ground

If you see the dog rubbing the butt on the ground, the owner will check the dog's anus, because after the diarrhea is diarrhea, the anus is easy to hide dirt. If the parasite is infected, the dog's buttocks will also be itchy. Feeling, so it is recommended to help the dog squeeze the anal gland when helping the dog to take a bath.
If the dog is diarrhea and diarrhea, it will be very stinky, the dog is likely to get angry, or the staple food dog food is not good, contains a lot of food additives, long-term consumption of this commodity grain, dogs are easy to stink, it is recommended Choose a low-salt 0 natural dog food when choosing dog food.

6.Revealing the belly

The dog may be spoiled, trusting, and praying for forgiveness to the owner. He wants to get the attention of the owner; but if the dog is exposed to the belly, then the dog is expressing the meaning of seeking for mercy. It is usually seen when the dog is fighting.

Feeding attention:

1. I have just said that the problem of dog stinky is mainly to eat more commercial food containing additives, which leads to getting angry. It is recommended that the staple food should be based on light and low-salt natural food. When choosing dog food, it is recommended to +Smell + taste" method to identify commercial grain and natural food (not oily and not salty), the staple food dog food is healthy and nutritious, and the dog smell will naturally improve.

2, dog food Xiaobian recommended shortlisted preferred brand of "馋 not greasy natural dog food", made of fresh meat crushed, low salt and low fat 0 added, nutritious and easy to absorb, can meet the dog's nutritional needs for a day, and It can improve the soft stools, usually drink plenty of water, eat high-vitamin foods, promote digestion, and remove toxins from the stomach.

3, the article mentions dog bad breath, it is recommended to keep the molars in the owner's home, give the dog molars in addition to bad breath, health care teeth, prevent oral diseases, recommend the following snacks, can grind teeth calcium, and can also be used to guide dogs, do Some of the most basic obedience and social training, with a snack dog will be more willing to train, can achieve the purpose of molar training.


The dog's thinking is similar to that of our human beings. It can only be expressed through body language. Therefore, the owner should pay more attention to the dog's body language to understand the dog's mind.

When did the body language of your dog usually appear?

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7 Ways to Get Your Dogs Involved in Activities at Christmas!

by John Doe
rabbitgoo christmas dogs

As Christmas is approaching, there is a lot of advice and information for dog owners on how to keep their dogs safe and happy during the holiday season. But how do you get your dog into the festive mood? Dogs like to participate in everything their family does, they will soon accept the excitement and whirlwind of the activities that accompany this season, so if you are looking for some interesting ways to get your dog into the spirit of Christmas for a year, please read on. our suggestion!

1. Make your dog a holiday dress

Not all dogs like to dress up for Christmas, so if your dog is identified as a Grinch, let them. However, some dogs are more than happy to try new outfits or make-up, especially for small dogs like Chihuahua and Pug Dog, where you can find many different outfits and holiday-themed coats to sell around! Even if you think that holiday costumes may annoy your dog instead of entertaining them, consider making them a festive collar or dress to fit on a cool day, in a special occasion where the whole family can show off their new Christmas pullovers!

r abbitgoo dogs make up

2. Pick the perfect gift!

There is no reason why dogs should be excluded from the gift of the day, and pick some great toys and snacks for your dog, and then it is worthwhile to see them looping when presenting their spoils! Buy some snacks for your dog, such as toys and other things they like, just loosely wrap them on paper without tape or rope, let your dog sneak in and "unlock" their new transport! When wrapping paper flies, this can be understood as a bit confusing, but adding entertainment value is well worth it! Remember to keep your dog's gift away from others so your dog won't sneak into it!

3. Bake some festive food

Don't forget your dog when you cook some shortbread and other delicacies for your family and friends! Cooking your own dog snacks at home is really quick and easy. There are a lot of recipes on the internet that will get you started. Check out these ideas to get you ahead! Just use a Christmas tree cookie cutter or other festive style, and when your family starts to enjoy Christmas food and snacks, your dog can enjoy your own delicious biscuits!

4. Bring your dog to visit someone

On Christmas Eve, everyone's work began to diminish, and the school broke up, giving many families the opportunity to exchange gifts and enjoy drinks with friends and relatives one day before. If you want to go out and send a card or gift to a friend, or drink with your family, why not ask if you can carry your dog with you? Going out in the car, going to a new place, having the opportunity to sniff in someone else's home, maybe stopping for a walk on the way back is likely to be a good day for your dog, so if you can, take them there!

5. Go to the song

Carolling is not as common as it used to be, but many church groups, even non-sectarian charities, raise money for good things during the Christmas season, and they are often keen to get extra talent. Bring out the tune on the boat! Find out if any local groups will be in your area and ask if you can travel with your dog to have fun and companion one night before Christmas.

6. Christmas walk

It's important to make sure that on Christmas Day, your dog eats and walks at normal times, and their daily work doesn't interrupt too much. However, dogs never mind to increase walking or activities, so walk before or after a big meal to enhance appetite or help you digest all turkeys, and your dog can enjoy a quiet, relaxing walk in December cool weather.

7. Hold a puppy party!

If you really want to give your dog the best Christmas, why not host a puppy party for dogs of all ages! Play with friends who are sociable and trustworthy dogs for hours, then share some homemade dog snacks and show off your dog's Christmas outfit. Remember to keep the numbers small so things don't get out of hand and plan ahead so that you have enough resources to deal with.

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The Endless Benefits of Raising Dogs

by John Doe
BENEFITS of rasing dogs

Current pet dogs have become an indicator of people's quality of life. In the past 20 years, a large number of studies have shown that raising dogs is good for people's mind and body. Therefore, Animal Assistance Activities (AAA) has carried out many pet-related activities. These activities are designed to help people solve physical and psychological problems through interactions between people and animals.
With the development of industrial society, the birth rate is getting lower and lower, the links between family members are becoming more and more loose, and pets play an increasingly important role in people's lives. Many couples do not want to have children after marriage or want to wait until the woman's work is stable before giving birth, so the dog becomes an indispensable part of their family. And whether the family is rich or poor, people can enjoy the fun of pets.
Dog is a good partner
The goal of most people (4/5) raising dogs is to find a good partner. The dog turns around like a partner or works with the owner.
For many people, raising a dog is a good way to eliminate loneliness, because it is both a good partner and a good friend of the owner. Chatting with dogs is not an abnormal behavior, and many people do this. In addition to chatting with dogs, we also instinctively interact with dogs in a way that communicates with others. For example, open your hands or pat the dog, pouting and other humanized behaviors to express your affection, even though men are less expressive than women in these areas.
Dog is a placebo
Dogs are accompanied by people, and they are closer to each other, which enhances intimacy. Dogs live under the same roof, so people have a very intimate feeling of comfort. The closer a person is to a dog, the closer a dog sleeps at night, some dogs sleep on the owner’s bed, and others sleep outside the house.
Specialized dog house.
Of course, this comfort also comes from the physical contact with people and dogs or the enthusiasm of dogs for people.

Dog is pistachio
Dogs can make people relax. It is said that when people who are under stress for a long time stay with their pets, their heart rate and blood pressure will drop. Therefore, pets are good medicine for decompression, and are pistachios of high-pressure people.

Dog is a safe bodyguard
Social crime rates are getting higher and higher, so more and more people are raising watchdogs to protect their property and personal safety. Therefore, the more aggressive species of dogs (such as the Doberman, the German Shepherd, and the Rottweiler) and the specially trained dogs (such as the Napoli and Bordeaux) are more and more popular.
But what matters is not only size and aggression. People's sense of security mainly comes from the fact that dogs are more sensitive to strangers or intruders than people, thus increasing people's thinking buffer time. Therefore, some people think that sensitive puppies, like the specially trained watchdogs, can also give people a sense of security.
Dog is a strong heart
In addition to protecting people's personal safety, dogs can also provide emotional protection. For example, with the companionship of dogs, people can be more brave to face or deal with fear, such as fear of black loneliness.
When you are in a strange environment or dealing with strangers, if you are accompanied by a dog, you will be able to complete tasks more effectively and communicate more easily. For example, a sociological study of human behavior suggests that people who bring dogs together for interviews can feel more relaxed than others.
Dogs can help you make new friends
It turns out that people who like dogs are more likely to accept others, be more active in social activities, and more likely to be friends with others. Dogs can often help people break the deadlock. When walking a dog, even the least socially friendly neighbors may stop to discuss the appearance or behavior of your dog. And dogs are the link between young people and the elderly.
Dogs can enhance self-satisfaction and self-confidence
Everyone needs a good sense of self. In order to achieve self-satisfaction, many people work hard in family relationships, work, sports or other recreational activities, and others will increase their personal prestige by raising dogs. Such a dog can be a rare breed of dog, a dog breeder, or a very obedient or agile dog.
For many people, taking care of other animals can find their own value, and therefore can be recognized by others.
Dog is a beautifying agent
It is not necessary to have a champion dog to be satisfied. Perhaps because of the personality and appearance of the detention, every time you see it, you will feel that it is beautiful and your life is beautiful.

Leisure assistant

Dogs often play an important role in leisure activities. Dogs love to play, and they like to play with people, so the dog adds more fun to people, making people forget the boring housework or work. And for many people, feeding a dog, giving a dog a make-up or taking a dog out can also be a very good leisure activity.
Child's mentor
2/3 dog families have children. Why do parents have to adopt new family members after they have children? This is hard to say clearly. It is generally believed that raising small animals can enhance the child's sense of responsibility. In the process of feeding, children can learn how to take care of pets and learn how to interact with people.
In addition, the dog has its educational value. During the feeding process, children can understand the developmental characteristics of the dog, such as sexual maturity and reproduction, and learn how to deal with the dog's health problems, which will greatly help their future life. The life span of a dog is about 10-15 years, almost the same as the time when the child grows up. The dog's life may be able to tell the child what is growing \ learning, aging, pain and death. Taking care of dogs allows children to learn a lot of skills to take care of others.
Dogs can also help children overcome anxiety, control their minds, develop self-awareness and learn how to deal with many problems in life.

Studies have shown that children like to talk to puppies and share their daily successes with unsuccessful things with their puppies, just like their siblings. So when the parents and brothers and sisters are not around, the dog replaces their position. Interestingly, the children most likely to establish social relationships and feelings with others are those who often chat with people or animals that are close to him, and those who are closely related to the child are usually their grandparents or pet.
Emotional support
If you unfortunately lose a loved one, or a child in your 10s is in a very difficult time, dogs can often provide a lot of emotional support during such a painful period.
a more responsible attitude, a cleaner family
People who have raised dogs and have to endure the dog's paws in the winter, it is hard to believe that raising dogs is good for the surrounding environment, but surveys show that families with pets are generally more hygienic than families without pets.

The therapeutic value of the dog

Dogs have many benefits for humans. People who often stay with dogs may also:
· Longevity;
· Lower blood pressure;
· Reduce the risk of heart disease;
 · Life is more targeted and more motivating;
 ·Psychological stress is small;
· Stronger, not easy to feel sad;
 · The winning heart will not be too strong;
· More tolerance for the shortcomings of others;
Dog is a good companion for the elderly
For the elderly, dogs are a special good companion, especially those who have lost their appetite. Feeding a dog can also stimulate the appetite of the elderly, and the dog can accompany them to eat together. In some places, old people are not allowed to raise puppies after retirement. But in fact, keeping a dog is good for the elderly.

Telling How to Understand the Dog's Sleep Pattern

by John Doe
sleeping dogs

Dogs need rest in order to replenish energy just like us. The amount of sleep required is related to its activity and age. It will find the most comfortable place to sleep, and know when to go for a small ton.

Sleep mode

Most dogs will be willing to sleep at night with their owners. But during the day, when the owners go out or are busy with work and study, they will sleep intermittently. However, if the owner's work habits are not traditional, most dogs will also adapt to other rest schedules, provided they are properly fed and exercised.

Activity demand

After the active dog has followed the owner for a long way, he will eat when he returns and then go to sleep. Many working dogs, such as gun hounds, visual and olfactory hounds, and shepherds, will be happy if they don't have a job, and they will be able to go for a long long walk. This is why intellectual training for “prey” such as food or toys is as important as healthy exercise for healthy dogs. Working dogs who is on duty, such as border collies, have to concentrate and do their best when chasing lost animals and encircling the flock. And without such a job opportunity, some dogs often fall asleep from time to time, and may even try to wake up the owner early in the morning. This behavior may also be related to its suffering from separation disorders.

Sleep requirement

Pups, like babies, require a lot of sleep and rest during activities. As your dog matures from middle age to old age, you will notice that its energy is not as strong as it used to be. But not all senior dogs are physically weak. Many owners have said that their dogs have regained their vitality when they are old, especially when they have a puppies in their homes. Puppies often entangle the senior dog to play with it. Competition will trigger a strange game between them, and perhaps a "tug-of-war" session. Older dogs often find warm places to snore, such as in a room with sunlight. You will find that dogs are more likely to get tired after a walk, so they will take longer to sleep.

Can a dog dream?

During the day or in the middle of the night, the dog seems to experience a shallow eyeball that quickly turns to sleep, that is, the almost awake step before and after the unconscious sleep. At this time, you may see the sleeping dog, while lying on his side, but doing the running, and can hear the ambiguous sound in his mouth.

Dogs who are alone at home often aim at the owner's bed when sleeping. It is not only comfortable, but also feels the owner's smell and makes you feel at ease. Dogs sleep relatively lightly during the day and are intermittent.

Some dogs remain vigilant while sleeping, their eyes will not close completely, and their ears will not relax. In this sleep situation: the daily voice of the house can wake it up, such as the courier, or the phone rings.

Dogs want to sleep when they should not, what should I do?

Some dogs will sleep day and night, and then suddenly wake up at some point. This behavior may be related to the irregular working hours of the owner, or it may be due to illness or physical weakness that temporarily causes sleep disorders. Some dogs may be sensitive to sound (too vigilant), and sudden or unusual sounds will wake them up. This condition can be restored by letting it find something or take a short walk. The way to alleviate the dog's nervousness is to simulate a natural hole for it, and prepare a covered dog cage or canvas travel bag indoors, which will make it more secure. When a dog that is difficult to calm at night is separated from the owner, it will definitely show problems with separation barriers.

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Raise Your Puppy to Be a Social-friendly Dog - Part 2

by John Doe
rabbitgoo social friendly dog

5 Limit the site

If the dog can reach anywhere in the family, or even some "steering heights", then the dog's territorial consciousness is incomparably strengthened, it will be very good to fulfill the responsibility of a "lord", that is, to protect their own territory. In this way, anyone who enters the home will infringe the territory and cause many problems.

*Some "bearing heights": on the stool, on the sofa, on the bed. You should not let the dog easily "occupy" unless the owner allows it, otherwise, let it go!

* If necessary, use a fence or keepoff to set the range in which the dog can move, let the dog know that some areas must be approved by the owner, or never enter.

6 Quality walk

Walking with a dog is a very good interaction and socialization process between the dog and the owner, and it can also release too much energy for the dog. But when we see many dog ​​owners taking dogs for a walk, it can't be called a hyena. Maybe it should be called a "dog slipper"? That is the result of the dog completely taking the lead in the walk.

*The choice of rope
The first level of the rope is the dog harness (easy for dogs, not to make the dog feel uncomfortable when pulling). The higher control tool is the neck strap (the ability to control the dog's direction in the hyena).

* Let the dog learn to wait before the dog goes out or before going home, and must wait for the owner to go out or enter the door first to announce the master's dominant position in the walk.

* Can't be led by the dog's pace, often changing the route of walking, especially at the corner of the road, let the dog know that it is not dominant.

* Male dogs or particularly strong dogs will find higher areas of urine every time, which is to use urine to mark the sphere of influence. And marking the sphere of influence is often what the team leader does, we don't need dogs to be the team leader. So every time you walk, let the dog lift the leg urine 2~3 times, you don't need to let the dog go to the tree and the corner. (After 2~3 times, the dog has actually not urinated, just to mark the territory)

* Some dogs show aggressiveness when they see strangers or other powerful dogs. It is the response of the protection team after the danger is discovered. We don't need him to protect the team, so we can close up and tighten the rope, let it sit down, and block it in front of it (tell the dog the master is the leader of protecting the team).

*When the dog has learned the above, we use a longer rope (Rabbitgoo dog leash) to pull the dog and strengthen the previous study.

dog walk rabbitgoo

7 Cottage

The hut is the "habitat" of the dog. The dog does not need a very large house as its habitat. He only needs a small space to be enough. The small space gives the dog a sense of security. From a training perspective, using a flight case as a cabin is a great option to help us solve many dog ​​behavior problems.

* It is very simple to adapt the dog to the air box. The air box is comfortably arranged with towel. The toy and snacks are used to lure the dog into the "habitat".

*The flight case can be used when the dog is resting, or when the dog does something wrong (the dog can be put into the air box when the dog is punished, avoiding violence) .

*The flight case can also be used to train toilet. Because the space inside the air box is small, the dog must do this in the air box. Then, when the dog is released, the dog will quickly adapt to this mode of raising. Dogs should not enter the air box for more than 6-8 hours.

* For small puppies we can configure a combination of "fence - air box - dog toilet" to adapt the dog to the "habitat" of the dog toilet and air box, which requires a longer adaptation time.

* The air box can also help the dog adapt to the new environment. When the dog needs to go out to be fostered, the dog will be very uneasy about the strange environment. At this time, the dog's air box can alleviate the dog's fear of strange environment.

* In addition to traveling, dogs need to be transported by air or by other means of transportation. With the air box, the probability of stress response during dog check-in is reduced. Of course this is based on the fact that it has adapted to the “habitat” of the air box.

The key to training is not the dog, but the owner. If the owner has good ideas and basic training knowledge, then congratulations, you will get a polite and favorite dog.

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Essential Tools are Needed for Dog Training

by John Doe
rabbitgoo dog tool

When the owner prepares the dog training, not only first think of some passwords, but also need to prepare some auxiliary props to train, and use these props correctly, in order to make the training process easier, so as to achieve obvious results.

When training dogs, there are collars for regulating dog behavior, as well as straps and leashes as the auxiliary props used for sparring. Of course, the bait for training dogs can not lack for some toys, and dog snacks, these are used as the reward after successful dog training.

Each dog's body size is different. At this time, the collar and the leash required for the dog must be selected according to the size of the dog. In this way, the behavior and movement of the dog can be effectively regulated in the training, so as to achieve the training effect. 

rabbitgoo dog training tool

1.Important auxiliary tools when training the dog

Each dog's body size is different. At this time, the collar and the leash required for the dog must be selected according to the size of the dog. In this way, the behavior and movement of the dog can be effectively regulated in the training, so as to achieve the training effect. It is to be understood that the collar and the harness are very important auxiliary tools when training the dog.

However, nowadays, many owners will not use the collar in the true sense, but they will replace it with the harness, because the collar will make the dog feel panic, very uncomfortable, and want to break free when wearing. So there is no way to control the dog that wants to go forward. However, the reason why the collar has not been eliminated is that many people now have a good look at the collar design, which can achieve beautiful results. For example, the owner of Amy will buy such a collar for decoration, and the collar can be trained according to the dog by adding some clever design, which is very suitable for becoming an auxiliary equipment for dog training.

The style of the harness is actually varied, but the original harness does not work on the dog. Some of the same auxiliary devices have other uses and functions besides dogs, but the principle is basically the same. That is, the use of multiple ropes can reduce the impact burden caused by pulling. The harness has many advantages for both the owner and the dog. For example, when the owner pulls the dog, the dog's neck will not feel uncomfortable, and the owner can safely pull it, and the dog does not have to be afraid of getting pain. And the dog will not loosen the collar and run out.

rabbitgoo dog leash for training

2.The most appropriate timing for training

You should know that collars, leashes, and harnesses are usually prepared, because these are excellent auxiliary props for training dogs, and can easily regulate the dog's behavior, but also allow dogs and owners' relationship quickly developed. Let the dog understand the class relationship. And if the dog is very unscrupulous, very naughty, nothing to worry about, through the collar, leashes and harnesses, these three auxiliary props can achieve a good correction effect.

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When Your Puppy Meets the Christmas - So Much Fun

by John Doe
christmas rabbitgoo dog

Christmas is coming, who will you spend this day together?

What present do you want?

Hey? It seems that there is a Christmas hat missing.

Christmas is filled with a warm feeling.

Ok. . . The owner is obviously doing something...bad...

Santa Claus and the white dog are a perfect match. There is no sense of disobedience together.

Bago's Christmas costume! ! ~

Merry Christmas, come and laugh~~

These two Corgi dogs are really beautiful.

Looking at the dogs laughing so happy, I want to hurry with my love for Christmas, too.

Tying a red ribbon to the dog's neck is also wonderful enough! ! !

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